Pawesome Plans

Taking your dog on holidays with you

Can’t stand the thought of leaving your furry friends behind when you take a vacation? Take them with you! With just a little bit of planning, you can ensure that both you and your dog have a great time away.

Book pet-friendly accommodation

Your first priority is to find accommodation that welcomes pets. These days, this can include anything from rural cottages to inner-city B&Bs.

Moore Park Inn is a renowned choice for pet-friendly accommodation in Armidale. We simply ask that you notify us upon your booking that you would like to bring your dog (or dogs!). That way, we can make sure that our specific pet-friendly rooms are available for you.

Prepare for the roadtrip

Before you hit the road, pack your dog’s important luggage — a water bowl and bottled water; a food bowl and treats; a leash; a towel (in case they get wet); a brush (in case they’re prone to shedding); and anything else that your dogs will enjoy during the holiday, like some fun toys or their favourite bedding. You should also make sure your dog is fit and ready for adventure — get your pet microchipped, vaccinated, and treated for fleas, worms and ticks.

Decide where your dog will be sitting (In the back seat? In the back of a ute? In a pet crate?), and check that you have the appropriate restraints to keep your dog safe and secure during the drive.

Ensure you allow extra travel time for toilet breaks and exercise. Where possible, pull over at a park or other quiet area so your pooch can run around, stretch their legs, and relax before the journey resumes. And of course, never leave your pet in the car attended. Animals are prone to heat stress, so keep them well-hydrated and use air-conditioning or shade screens, where necessary, to keep your dog cool.

Find places to explore

Make it a vacation that your furry friend will love by taking them for trips throughout Armidale and the New England. Some popular off-leash dog areas are:

The Pine Forest — Otherwise known as the Armidale State Forest, this is a popular destination for bushwalkers, horse-riders and dog-walkers alike. Enjoy a picnic in the shade, follow the walking routes, or let your pooch get their paws wet in the slow-moving sections of Tilbuster Ponds Creek.

Charleston Willows Recreation Area — Located approximately 5km north of Armidale on Rockvale Road, this is a spacious and popular leash-free area. Waste disposal stations and water points are available for your convenience.

Eastern Creeklands Dog Park — This section of parkland between Wicklow Fields (at Taylor Street) and Erskine Street is partially fenced and perfect for long, lazy strolls. Walk the complete track from end to end, take a rest amongst the revegetation projects, or go in search of the Dog Park Rock Art.

And of course, you and your dog are welcome to explore the New England countryside right beyond your doors at Moore Park Inn. Our gardens are perfect for a relaxing walk, while our paddocks provide plenty of space for games of fetch.

Between the birds, the horses, and the dogs of our own, we love seeing animals at Moore Park Inn. If you’re looking for pet-friendly accommodation in Armidale, get in touch with our team. We look forward to making it a holiday that both you and your dog will love.